جن Djinn - Arabians


جن Djinn - Arabians


جن Djinn - Arabians



AFIRAH BINT BAHIR is a Homozygous completely black straight Egyptian, AI Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd, Blue list eligible and Amercian Foundation filly with a strong pedigree known for both beauty and athletic talent. She is a second generation pure in strain Dahman Shahwan. AFIRAH BINT BAHIR belongs to the *ANSATA IBN HAlIMA++/SIRECHO/Babson breeding group. Horses who combine Babson and SIRECHO lines include EL BESHIR, who won the first all Arabian licensed race in Germany. She carries one line to three times U.S. Top Ten Stallion *ANSATA IBN HAlIMA++ (the only imported Egyptian stallion to sire both a U.S. National Champion Stallion and Mare) and two crosses to SIRECHO, sire of U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and Native Costume and National Champion sire JORAMIR. The remainder of his ancestry comprises horses imported to America from Egypt by Henry Babson in 1932. Babson Egyptian horses are noted for their temperament, stamina and athletic ability.

Strong Babson Influence:

AFIRAH BINT BAHIR traces to all horses of the Babson importation who had progeny. She has one line apiece to the mares *BINT BINT DURRA and *BINT SAADA (the former dam of American National winner sire DURRAL and the latter the dam of FADDAN). AFIRAH BINT BAHIR has 2 lines to the Babson mare *MAAROUFA, foundress of one of the most successful Babson dam lines. She is the dam of 6 National winner producers: BAAROUF, MAAROU, BINT MAAROUFA, FAY UFA, AAROUFA and FAARIS. AFIRAH BINT BAHIR has 13 lines to *BINT BINT SABBAH, dam of National producers FABAH and FMBA and the National winner sire KHEBIR (FABAH and KHEBIR are both in AFIRAH BINT BAHIR’s ancestry).

She also has 20 lines to *BINT SERRA, dam of two of the most important sires in the Babson program, FAY-EL-DINE (sire of 10 producers of National winners) and the black halter champion FA-SERR (a National Champion sire). AFIRAH BINT BAHIR has 35 lines to the Babson sire *FADL, 0 full brother to *MAAROUFA, who sired a remarkable 11 producers of National winners from just 55 get who left progeny.



AFIRAH BINT BAHIR is by MASADA BAHIR, who was bred by the highly respected American breeder and Arabian  breed scholar Walter Schimanski. MASADA BAHIR is of the GAMIL EL KEBIR sire line through *FADL and traces in tail female to the Dahman Shahwan mare *BINT BINT SABBAH. MASADA BAHIR is a full brother to 2 successful show horses: American show hack champion and. hunt pleasure first place winner MASADA MAZAL and MASADA BEN ASAR, who completed successfully in America in both all breed and Arabian shows in western pleasure, English pleasure, reining, trail, sport horse in hand and native costume. MASADA BAHIR’s sire FA ASAR is a 7/8 brother to SERABAAR, sire of multi-National winner in Hunter Over Fences and Dressage IBN SABBAH BEDU+/, whose son SERR SOTAMM+ has won 6 American regional championships in dressage.
SERABAAR is also the paternal grandsire of the dam of multi National Champion Park AEQUUS+//. FA ASAR is by IBN FA-SERR, a sire of National winners in halter and performance such as the world famous multi National Champion Dressage stallion SERR MARINER. FA ASAR’s dam SERASABBA is a full sister to SERASAAB, the paternal granddam of MATARA FASEFFRA, dam of AFIRAH BINT BAHIR. SERASABBA is also a full sister to SABRAH, dam of 4 National winners: U.S. National Champion Mare FA HALlMA, AOTR, ANSATA EL REYHAN and AK LATEEF. SABRAH’s son SAR FADL HALIM sired a National Champion in dressage and her daughter ANSATA SABIHA produced 4 National winners.
SERASABBA is also a 3/4 sister to British National Champion Stallion and National Champion sire THE SHAH.

MASADA BAHIR’s dam MASADA FA HANNAH is by FABO, sire of the American Legion of Merit winners FA-ROMBO++ and FA-LODI++, both many times champions in performance. FABO is a 3/4 brother to British National Champion Stallion THE SHAH and a  7/8 blood brother to National Champion producer SABRAH. FABO’s dam MISIMMA is a maternal sister to U.S. Top Ten Park KHENIM and to FIDL FADL, sire of Canadian Nat. Champion Driving

MASADA FA HANNAH is out of ASF HANNAH, one of the only two straight Babson Egyptian daughters of U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure ROUFAS. ASF HANNAH is the only foal of SABLS GEM, a full blood sister to SHAR SABBAH, dam of multi-U.S. Nat. winner in dressage and hunter over fences IBN SABBAH BEDU+/. SABLS GEM is a daughter of Nat. Champion sire NEGEM, sire of 6 producers of National winners.


AFIRAH BINT BAHIR is out of MATARA FASEFFRA. Like MASADA BAHIR, she was bred by Walter Schimanski and is from the GAMIL EL KEBIR sire line and traces in tail female to the Babson import *BINT BINT SABBAH, who is of the EL DAHMA dam line. MATARA FASEFFRA’s son MANARA FAARIS (a 3/4 brother to AFIRAH BINT BAHIR and IBN BAHIR) is a licensed breeding stallion in Germany who passed his stallion performance test at Marbach in 2005 in dressage, jumping and cross country with the remarkable score of 99,85 and was also licensed by the ZSAA in Germany in 2008.

MATARA FASEFFRA is by KH SERAL SIREFF. His sire SERR SAHIH is a western pleasure champion and a full brother to RAADIN HILAL, third dam of RAADIN ROYAL STAR 5 sire of World Champion $SIMEON SHAI+). SERR SAHIH is a maternal brother to American regional Park Champion and regional winner sire RAADIN INSHALLA. His sire SIREFF is by National winner sire FA-SERR out of a 3/4 sister to National winner and National Champion sire JORAMIR. SERR AL SAHIH’s dam ALLAH ATEYVAH is a daughter of park reserve champion AR RAAD. ALLAH ATEYVAH is out of KHAMSA, a full blood sister to National winner producers FA ROUSSE and KHEMAHR.

KH SERAL SIREFF is out of SERASAAB, whose daughter MONIET BINT SABAH produced American regional halter champion sire RAYZAAR as well as QAHTAHN, a sire of American regional champions in sport horse, halter and dressage. SERASAAB is a full sister to Nat. Champion producer SABRAH and a 3/4 sister to Nat. Champion and Nat. Champion sire THE SHAH.

MATARA FASEFFRA is out of MASADA SABIHA, a paternal sister to CRIMSON AND CLOVER, a U.S. Top Ten First Level
Dressage AOTR winner, five times American regional dressage champion and many time winner in open dressage competition against all breeds. MASADA SABIHA is by the superb black stallion FA DAALIM who is sired by the Babson stallion DAALDAN whose get have produced National winners such as MOHAMED ALY, KK ALLAH AHRAFIC+, RU SERR DAN and SHEIKH IBN SHIKO. FA DAALlM’s dam BINT FA DENA is by *ANSATA IBN HALlMA++ and out of FA DENA, a 3/4 sister to National Champion sire IBN FA-SERR. FA DENE is a full sister to National winner sires KHEMAHR and FA-ROUSSE.

MASADA SABIHA’s dam FASERRABBA is by FA-SERRAB, a 7/8 brother tot Nat. Champion producer SABRAH. Her dam SIRHABBA is the dam of Nat. Champion sire CHAR ECHO (a sire of Nat. winners in halter and performance), of SHAR GEMLA (dam of Nat. Champion sire EL BAHIM RABDAN, sire of multi-National Dressage Champion EL BAHIM HALAWA+), and of AK SIRHALlMA, a sire of Australian National winners.



Author : Arlene MAGID Summary & adjusting·: Bo DE CORT